Why invest in Georgia?

It's easy

In Georgia, there are fewer regulations and an easy tax system. Citizens from 98 countries can travel to Georgia without a visa and stay there for almost a year.

It's quick

The process of becoming a property owner in Georgia is simple and quick. Foreign citizens are allowed to buy and sell any real estate. You can get this done in 4 business days or less for as little as 100 USD! The entire process is easy and transparent.

Tourism keeps growing

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly influenced the sector, with cities being among the hardest-hit places. Despite this, Georgia has already seen encouraging signs of revival, having welcomed nearly 1 million foreign tourists in the first quarter of 2022.


It's cheap

Georgia is a developing country that has for many years been improving its infrastructure. The price per square meter of construction property is significantly lower than in developed countries. This can mean that you can get a one-bedroom apartment for less than 40,000 USD, or a house for under 150,000 USD.


The easiest way to obtain a residency in Georgia is by buying a property. To receive temporary residency, a foreign citizen has to purchase a property with a minimum value of 100,000 USD. With that, he can also obtain residency for himself and his family members.

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